Therapeutic Services

CaringWorks Treatment and Recovery Services provides exceptional mental health supports and addiction treatment to those in need because we believe everyone, no matter their circumstance, should have access to quality behavioral health care.

Since the primary causes of chronic homelessness are mental illness and addictions—sometimes at the same time—targeted therapy and services help get at the root causes that repeatedly return people to the streets.  Through CaringWorks Treatment and Recovery Services (CTRS), we offer a full array of behavioral health services. CTRS has social workers, therapists, counselors, medical professionals and case managers with special training and expertise in the evaluation and treatment of these challenging conditions at three locations across Metro Atlanta for individuals, couples and families. We believe it is vital to treat the whole person, providing the most individualized, comprehensive, and compassionate services possible, thus offering every opportunity for a full recovery and path to a more fulfilling and productive life.

Terence Wilkins

Clinical Director, Behavioral Health

(678) 428.3327