Embracing Housing First Approach

Offering housing as a solution to end homelessness may seem like an obvious choice, but surprisingly, up until recently it has been the least used option. Instead, we have historically relied on costly alternatives such as jails, emergency rooms and shelters, to tend to the individuals and families experiencing homelessness. While most that experience homelessness do so for a short time, there is a concentrated population of adults grappling with disabling physical and mental health concerns and/or addiction who struggle to exit the cycle of chronic homelessness.

At CaringWorks, we embrace a Housing First approach which recognizes that the security of stable housing is the most important intervention in the pursuit of well-being. The 100k Homes initiative notes that an “immediate connection to permanent supportive housing has enabled over 80% of homeless individuals to remain housed, even among clients with severe substance abuse and mental health conditions”.

CaringWorks believes our clients have the right to realize their inherent potential and own their human dignity rather than settle for the situation in which they find themselves. We believe in the philosophy of the Housing First model and we’ve proven year after year that pairing permanent housing and supportive services is an effective tool for ending the cycle of homelessness for these households.

I encourage you to keep visiting our blog in the next couple of weeks to learn more about the programs of CaringWorks. Next week we will talk about our M.O.V.E Program which helps women and children facing homelessness. Caring does work and we are excited to share some of our amazing stories of triumph and transformation.


Carol Collard, PhD, LMSW

President and CEO

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