Providing Safe Haven to Homeless Mothers with Children

CaringWorks recognizes that single mothers with children are one of the most vulnerable populations at risk of experiencing homelessness. To address this important issue, we created the M.O.V.E Program (Moving On to Victory and Empowerment) for single mothers facing homelessness and their minor children.

M.O.V.E helps chronically homeless families transition to independent living by providing them with housing and services that build skills necessary for sustaining their households. I became a program manager of M.O.V.E in May of this year and it has been an incredibly rewarding journey for me, to witness a transformation in the lives of our families: 1 family transitioned out to live independently with the assistance of the Emergency Solutions Grant, 3 families received housing vouchers allowing each family to lease their own apartment and 2 reunited with their families. As a program manager, I supervise the progress of all the services provided to our clients.

Certainly, there have been many challenges along the way; all of our mothers struggle with mental illness which can make it difficult for them to remain successfully employed. Moreover, a lot of our clients aim to pass GED but for those with a learning disability, this goal is often particularly arduous. We face challenges with funding scholarships for our moms to take GED readiness classes. That is a big need in the program right now.

Despite all of the trials that we face in facilitating the M.O.V.E Program, every day I come to work motivated and inspired. Being a part of a program that actually addresses the root causes for our clients’ homelessness is incredible. In serving my clients, I am able to see their transformation to the point when they are able to not only provide for their families but also to focus on their personal goals. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the families in M.O.V.E by providing them with a safe haven and I am proud of their every-day accomplishments and strength in their path of becoming independent.  

I would like to encourage everybody to support our families this winter season by donating new or lightly used jackets, gloves, scarves, hats and sweaters, for children ages 18 months to 18 years, warm bedding or funds to help our moms secure a GED. Please contact Shawn Williams at to schedule a donation. 

Valerie Walker- Program Manager of M.O.V.E

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