Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce homelessness and empower the marginalized by providing access to housing and services that foster dignity, self-sufficiency, and well-being.

Since 2002, CaringWorks

has served 10,000 clients.

We are proud that the organization’s success rate—as defined by people remaining stably housed in permanent supportive housing units after a year—is more than 90 percent year after year.

CaringWorks is a nonprofit 501(c)3 agency working to end homelessness. We go beyond one-size-fits-all housing and services to provide care that is carefully tailored to each client, respecting their dignity and seeing their inherent potential for success.

Our History

CaringWorks was incorporated in 2002 and was built on the single idea that all people, no matter their social or economic standing, should have a chance to improve their quality of life. Since our founding, we’ve focused on a suite of services aimed at providing permanent, proven solutions for people facing homelessness. We focus our efforts on individuals with significant obstacles to housing stability:


of clients who are accepted into our permanent supportive housing programs have experienced chronic homelessness and have at least one disabling condition.


of clients assessed maintained or showed improvements in mental health.


of clients who exited our program maintained or improved their income.
More than


of our clients are Black
More than


are women
More than


are under the age of 18

Volunteer and Career Opportunities

If you’re interested in helping us end homelessness, we’d love your help! We have volunteer and career opportunities for those people who want to help us make a difference in the Greater Atlanta community.


Your support can help us end homelessness. To learn more about how your gift can help our mission, please review our financial history. At CaringWorks, we believe in transparency, so we’ve gathered information about how we use donations.

Join Us

In Ending Homelessness

Help us find safe, stable housing for everyone in the Greater Atlanta community.