Let Help Help You

Several years ago, Deanna D. made the difficult and brave decision to leave a toxic relationship and break a cycle of substance abuse. A single mother to two girls, Deanna faced many obstacles, including homelessness and having her girls placed in foster care.

It wasn’t always a smooth journey, but Deanna was determined to get clean. She entered a treatment program, got housing support, and she got sober. She also regained custody of her kids.

Now her girls are 6 and 13, and with the help of CaringWorks, Deanna is providing them a safe environment where she’s rebuilding her life and her family.

“My kids are my life and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them,” she said.

Deanna has a steady job and has career aspirations for her future. When she was in treatment, Deanna began attending—and eventually joined—the Mountain West Church in Stone Mountain. She currently works there as a facilities manager. She also enrolled in Grace Christian University where she’s working toward a degree in leadership and ministry. She hopes to one day lead a community outreach program.

Deanna lives to be a positive role model. She is grateful for her past as it allows her to lead by faith and use her experiences to uplift, inspire and mentor others.

When asked what advice she would give to others who are struggling, Deanna said, “Let help help you.”


About CaringWorks:

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June 2022