Elevating lives with ASPIRE

For homeless men, women, and children, a common cold quickly becomes pneumonia…undetected high blood pressure becomes a stroke…or untreated diabetes becomes kidney failure. Ultimately, unequal access to healthcare becomes a life cut short––and that is a fact that we simply cannot live with.

At CaringWorks, we aspire to a much higher standard for our clients’ well-being. So that’s why we are excited to launch ASPIRE (Advancing a Supportive Permanent Integrated Residential Experience), a new program aimed at improving the overall health outcomes and quality of life for each of our clients.

The process is based on a customized approach that starts with our in-house nurse meeting with each client to conduct a general health assessment, set health goals, and develop a personal health plan. Then, we come alongside them with services and education to provide access to proper nutrition, exercise, mental health resources, and other positive health-affirming behaviors.

The program also includes an educational component to help clients who want to attain their GED and receive job training, as well as civic outreach including helping them exercise their right to vote.

As we leverage our staff expertise and key community resources to fuel this effort, our goal is to put an end to the devastating waterfall effect of inadequate care––and help our clients thrive, not just survive.

And that’s goal we can all ASPIRE to.