A Born Artist


Genevieve M. grew up in New Orleans where she was surrounded by the arts. At an early age she developed a passion for arts, crafts and painting.

“I always had crayons in my pocket when I was young,” she said.

When she got older and moved to Maryland, she took college courses in graphic design. But Genevieve faced some difficulties that resulted in her experiencing homelessness in Baltimore. For a born artist like her, one of the greatest challenges during that time in her life was that she couldn’t paint.

“I would paint in my mind.”

Genevieve found her way to Georgia after a close friend encouraged her to move to Marietta.

“He said I may find more opportunities there for support.”

After being homeless there for a short time, Genevieve connected with a program that found her a place to live. CaringWorks eventually took over that program and provided additional services to help Genevieve remain stably housed.

“I felt like I had someone who cared,” Genevieve said.

Genevieve credits CaringWorks and her program director for giving her support and stability to pursue her passion and showcase her skills.

“I feel human again.”


See some of Genevieve’s works:



About CaringWorks:

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July 2022