“Georgia family spends first Thanksgiving in new home, after time in ATL shelters,” CBS Atlanta News First

This Thanksgiving, CaringWorks is raising $20,000 in funds through its Home for the Holidays campaign to ensure that the holidays are indeed happy for the more than 100 households – including more than 150 children – they serve. Atlanta News First reporter Sawyer Buccy sat down with CaringWorks CEO Carol Collard and CaringWorks client Kiara Grinton on Thanksgiving morning to talk about the importance of being able to celebrate the holidays in a home.

“Last year we were at a hotel. Of course, we were able to have dinner, but it wasn’t in my home, at my table, cooking dinner for my kids,” said Grinton. “Everything that you go through, that is not your final destination.”

A certified nurse assistant, the single mother lost her job due to COVID when the home healthcare provider she worked for moved to a model of only one caretaker per household. She and her four daughters lost their home and moved into an extended stay hotel and eventually into a homeless shelter before they were connected with CaringWorks.

“Atlanta, like many major cities, is dealing with a housing crisis; an affordable housing crisis, homelessness,” said Dr. Collard. “There is no such thing as having to earn the right to have a roof overhead.”

Dr. Collard believes in second chances. She founded CaringWorks 20 years ago and has helped thousands of families since it opened its doors, including people like Kiara and her girls.

“It is made with love,” Grinton said of this Thanksgiving with her family. “It is our first Thanksgiving in our new house. I am definitely grateful.”

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November 2022