November is Homelessness Awareness Month: 3 encouraging things you need to know

The man holding a sign at a busy intersection. The woman asking for help in a crowded parking lot. These occurrences and many more serve as frequent reminders of the heartbreaking issue of homelessness that is prevalent throughout communities across Georgia––a very discouraging fact.

But this November during Homelessness Awareness Month, we want to shed some light on the issue and make you aware of the positive news that we have witnessed through years of in-depth work with our clients. Here are three encouraging things you need to know about solving homelessness in Georgia:

1. It’s not a hopeless situation!

Despite working with clients that have significant barriers to health and stability, such as those with long histories of chronic homelessness, our success rate exceeds 90%, year after year. This means that most of our clients remain stably housed after one year. In addition, during one recent year, we saw 75% of our clients maintain and/or increase their income and 85% transition to a better housing situation.

2. It’s not as expensive as you think.

According to HUD estimates, the yearly cost of chronic homelessness is $40,000 per individual. CaringWorks can provide housing and services for only $13,725, saving our communities thousands of dollars per year. The good news is that when we help solve homelessness for one individual, it creates a positive ripple effect that impacts our entire state.

3. It involves much more than just housing.

Our “housing first” approach is followed by exceptional comprehensive care that includes mental health services, addiction treatment, health and wellness education, and employment assistance. Our clients learn new skills, develop reliable sources of income, and create a healthy social network that can move them toward independence and self-sufficiency. We truly end homelessness, one person at a time.

Change is possible, and you can help us make a difference. Make plans to support CaringWorks on #GivingTuesday coming up on November 30. Or donate today by clicking here.