Being the Mom I was Meant to Be

For Amber B., Mother’s Day is a reminder of how far she’s come in the last few years. A single mother to two young girls, Amber has faced many trials including drug addiction, an abusive relationship, and homelessness, but she is working hard on her recovery. With the help of CaringWorks, she is providing a better life for herself and her children.

“The main thing I get is connection. I believe connection is the opposite of addiction.”

Amber with her youngest daughter at last year’s CaringWorks Halloween festival.

Amber says that CaringWorks not only connects her to important services and resources—like providing furniture for her apartment, or facilitating courses for clients to learn about finances and building credit—but that CaringWorks also connects her to the community. Amber has met other clients and their children through the program, and she participates in various activities and opportunities that CaringWorks organizes such as last year’s Halloween festival, a meeting to talk about building a community garden, and more.

“They provided a Secret Santa for the kids, and what that afforded me was to give my kids a beautiful Christmas. They’re going to be able to guide us to different summer camps for children in our area. That’s important too. That’s going to be nice.”

“As the name says, caring does work,” Amber added.

CaringWorks is also helping Amber set goals for her future.

“They said, ‘Let’s make some goals.’ At the time, one of my goals was to start college. I’ve never done that, and I’ve always wanted to, and since then, I’ve met that goal. I’ve been in college for a year.”

Amber has another exciting goal that she’s working toward: “One of my goals is to own a home.”

Amber says goals are important for her recovery and stability as she balances being a mom, working part time and taking a nearly full-time class load through Georgia State University.

“When we make these goals and then we go back over them, and we see if we’ve made any progress, it highlights that you can do hard things. And so that gives me more confidence that I can stay stable and do what I need to do for my children.”

Amber also credits her recovery’s success to having a safe place of her own to live.

“When you know where you’re going to lay your head at night, that makes a world of difference. Having this home with my children also means that I’m able to be a good role model for them.”

Amber added, “I’m able to tailor our home to the things we like. I love art, so we put an art table here. We know that we have a place where we can come and be together.”

As Mother’s Day approaches, an emotional memory from several years ago highlights the holiday’s significance for Amber and her children.

“When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I wrote her a letter on Mother’s Day. I told her, of course, that I love her and that I can’t wait to spend my life with her. I told her I can’t wait to show her and teach her so many things, and that I would keep her safe. And for a long time, I wasn’t really feeling like I was fulfilling those things that I wrote to her.”

Nearly five years into recovery with a stable place to live and goals for the future, Amber now feels much differently.

“Now I can wake up grateful; I am being the mom that I was meant to be for them.”


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May 2023