Things are Turning Around

After a troubled past, including several run-ins with the law, Ray S. is grateful for the support he’s receiving through CaringWorks.

“Things are turning around for me now since I’m on the program. That’s a blessing.”

Ray grew up in Jonesboro, Ga. and was very close to his mom and sister. He lived with his sister for a while but when their relationship deteriorated, he became homeless.

After being homeless for three years, a friend connected him with CaringWorks and Ray entered a transitional housing program. Since starting the program in 2019, Ray has been living in a safe and secure environment while also receiving mental health services and other support to help him regain stability.

“I’m taking baby steps now,” he said.

Ray has worked hard to change the trajectory of his life and he will soon move into an apartment as part of CaringWorks’ long-term housing program.

When asked about the impact of the program and what he loves most about it, Ray proudly talked about the continuous support he has received from care coordinators and his peers, and the sense of safety he feels.

Ray says he is looking forward to the future. He wants to start a family and he’d like to go into business with his dad. He has also improved his relationship with his sister.

“Me and my sister get along real good now.”

When asked where he sees himself in five years, Ray responded, “In a house.”


About CaringWorks:

Built on the single idea that all people—no matter their social or economic standing—should have a chance to improve their quality of life, CaringWorks has served 10,000 clients throughout our 20-year history. Since our inception, we have grown exponentially to become one of Georgia’s leaders in providing permanent supportive housing. We serve hundreds of individuals each year through unique programs and services that are specifically tailored to the needs of those facing chronic homelessness.

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May 2022