Commitment That Shows Results

Martha - RISE ATLANTA program
At CaringWorks, we are proud of the work and commitment of our clients to reach their goals. Those goals might include sobriety, reconnection with family, employment, addressing health concerns, and permanent housing. Our Case Managers are there to support and walk along-side their clients every step of the way.

In our RISE ATLANTA program, we are especially proud of Martha who came into the program in 2008. Martha was homeless due to substance abuse. She also developed a life-threatening illness from her time on the streets.

Martha is celebrating her 16th year of sobriety on October 19th! Her secret to success is that she never misses her appointments, takes her medication daily, and has made a point to reach out to help others. By supporting those in need, Martha has found her purpose in life. Her Case Manager, Antonio says: “ I am so proud of Martha. She is a good neighbor and a supportive friend. Her commitment to continuing sobriety is inspiring.”

Martha says “CaringWorks is an excellent program to be in because of the staff. The staff is so very encouraging, supportive, attentive and is always there to lend a listening ear.” She would also like to send a special “Thanks” to Mr. Dominic Johnson for his exemplary leadership when she first came into the program

Because of her commitment to attend support groups and go to programs that help her deal with behavioral health issues, Martha has a new perspective on life. Since gaining her own sobriety and through the encouragement of her CaringWorks Case Manager, Martha now gives back to others. She provides food to neighbors in need, is a considerate neighbor, and is proud to always pay her rent on time.

The result of all this hard work is that Martha has reconnected with her family and recently went on a trip with her sister. She is also an active citizen and went out and voted last November for the first time with her CaringWorks Case Manager.

We salute you Martha and are so proud of your 16 years of sobriety.

RISE ATLANTA is a permanent supportive housing program for people who are chronically homeless and either have a mental illness diagnosis or substance abuse disorder.

In honor of Martha’s inspiring story and our RISE ATLANTA program, visit our website to find out more about our programs or to make a donation here.