Grateful Every Day

Despite being in an abusive relationship and homeless while struggling with substance abuse, Donnette H. was determined to turn her life around and set a positive example for her nieces. She left the relationship, entered rehab and has been clean since 2013.

Donnette still struggled to get a place of her own, but all that changed in 2021 when she entered CaringWorks’ housing program.

“I felt relieved to have a support system that allowed me to get myself together,” she said.

Now that she’s stable, Donnette is focused on new goals: getting her GED and sharing her story to help inspire others.

“CaringWorks is the best thing that has happened to me and every day I am grateful.”

Donnette says she’s confident she will succeed because her faith is her foundation.

“I would tell anyone to put God first because He will take care of you and love you.”


About CaringWorks:

Built on the single idea that all people—no matter their social or economic standing—should have a chance to improve their quality of life, CaringWorks has served 10,000 clients throughout our 20-year history. Since our inception, we have grown exponentially to become one of Georgia’s leaders in providing permanent supportive housing. We serve hundreds of individuals each year through unique programs and services that are specifically tailored to the needs of those facing chronic homelessness.

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September 2022