A New Lease on Life

Years ago, David W. lived in a comfortable neighborhood and had a flourishing business. But after some unimaginable events, David lost it all. Depressed and with nowhere to turn, he became homeless.

Though David eventually got help and housing through various programs, he was forced to move from place to place, experiencing problematic roommate situations along the way. When he was connected with CaringWorks in 2019, David finally gained a clear pathway toward stability.

“CaringWorks is a great place. They work hard to help people.”

David says that CaringWorks is successful because of the staff’s guiding principle to treat clients with dignity and respect. He says that the staff also go above and beyond to help clients navigate the often-difficult processes and paperwork required to get the housing, services and support they need.

“There’s too much confusion and misinformation in the system,” he said. “I saw them [CaringWorks] help people and process people immediately and get them a home.”

CaringWorks recently helped David successfully transition out of the program and secure an apartment in an independent living complex in Downtown Decatur, Ga.

“I’ve got it so good right now. It’s a real blessing. I have a great apartment.”

David has some advice for others who might be in a situation where he was: “Don’t give up,” he said. “Keep your eyes and ears open. When the student is ready to learn, the teacher appears. There are people out there who are willing to help.”

David says he has a hopeful outlook in his new community that he loves, and he feels incredibly grateful for the people who have helped him along the way.

“I was fortunate that I found help,” he said. “I’m glad I’m stable. I’m glad I’m in a loving, caring environment. I feel like a human being again. I have a new lease on life.”

About CaringWorks:

Built on the single idea that all people—no matter their social or economic standing—should have a chance to improve their quality of life, CaringWorks has served thousands of clients throughout our 20-plus-year history. Since our inception, we have grown exponentially to become one of Georgia’s leaders in providing permanent supportive housing. We serve hundreds of individuals each year through unique programs and services that are specifically tailored to the needs of those facing chronic homelessness.

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February 2023