Feeling Blessed

Although Connie W. grew up in close-knit loving family, she didn’t feel like she fit in. “I always felt like an outcast,” she said. The oldest of eight siblings, Connie…

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It’s Never Too Late

Reggie M. had plans to attend Morehouse College and become an educator when he got out of the Army in 1979. But after experiencing a series of tragic events— including…

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Bradley and Ivy


PROGRAM: HOPE HOUSE, DEAF-CENTERED (DHH) PROGRAM As a person who has been deaf since the age of 3, Bradley often struggled to find his way in a hearing world. After…

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Commitment That Shows Results

Martha - RISE ATLANTA program

At CaringWorks, we are proud of the work and commitment of our clients to reach their goals. Those goals might include sobriety, reconnection with family, employment, addressing health concerns, and…

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