Bradley and Ivy


PROGRAM: HOPE HOUSE, DEAF-CENTERED (DHH) PROGRAM As a person who has been deaf since the age of 3, Bradley often struggled to find his way in a hearing world. After battling addiction and attempting recovery off and on for years, Bradley finally discovered the support he needed through the CaringWorks deaf-centered community at Hope House.…

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Beauty from Ashes: Raven’s Journey

As a senior credit analyst, Raven was on a successful career path at a major bank. But over the course of five years, the stress and strain of the position grew to the point where it took a heavy toll on her physical and mental health. Finally, one day things came to head when she…

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Commitment That Shows Results

Martha - RISE ATLANTA program

At CaringWorks, we are proud of the work and commitment of our clients to reach their goals. Those goals might include sobriety, reconnection with family, employment, addressing health concerns, and permanent housing. Our Case Managers are there to support and walk along-side their clients every step of the way. In our RISE ATLANTA program, we…

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CaringWorks Client receives emotional support from Ruckus, the boxer pup!

Matthew and Ruckus - RISE VA program

Matthew Brady is a participant in the RISE VA permanent supportive housing program. Matt has always had a great love for animals and his VA mental health team recommended that he obtain an emotional support animal to help with his ongoing treatment. After the appropriate paperwork was completed, CaringWorks approved his request to receive an…

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